Enter your text here...Neurodermatitis is a very itchy, inflammatory, chronic, but not contagious skin disease, which occurs intermittently with dry, eczematous, reddened skin areas.

The causes are different and range from genetic factors, immunological triggers to environmental influences.If genetic causes are present, it is the so-called filaggrin gene defect, it leads to a keratinocyte function defect, which in turn leads to increased cytokine levels, increased IgE antibody, whereby the protective barrier of the skin is disturbed. As a result, allergens penetrate the skin faster and more frequently, leading to the well-known itching, inflammation, reddened skin areas and eczema.

The classical therapy for neurodermatitis consists of:

  1. Basic skin care with moisture through urea-containing ointments, cream, oils, etc...
  2. Antibiotics such as fusidic acid (can possibly trigger allergies)
  3. Cortisone ointments to inhibit inflammation (side effects: depegmentation, bleeding tendency, steroid acne, stretch marks, eye pressure etc.)
  4. Antihistamines (but can cause fatigue)
  5. Cyclosporine A: is an immune suppressant with all the side effects with many side effects such as hair loss, skin atrophy and infections

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