About Us

The SIBOLIV recipe for success

SIBOLIV combines the heritage of our ancestors with the creativity of our descendants! We produce healing and care soaps with proven and scientific methods, combining natural ingredients and medicinal herbs to fight skin problems and other diseases. In our house everything is still handmade. Our soaps are not only a perfect choice for sensitive skin, but for every skin type and age (even for children).

Soaps in harmony with nature

Our soaps are based on at least 70% of the highest quality olive oil. All ingredients come from organic production and are without chemical or synthetic additives. For us it is important to ensure that our Fairtrade products are cultivated and dismantled in an environmentally friendly way, a sustainable production process, fair payment and best working conditions. The entire production and packaging process does not use plastic. Transparency and customer orientation is our top priority.

The history of our soaps

The power woman from Palistina

The Siba success story began in 2002 in Nablus, Palestine. Ikhlas Sawalha, a pioneer of a women's cooperative to fight poverty, started her business in her farmhouse. She produced healing soaps from high-quality olives  and Dead Sea salt. Her interest in natural and medicinal herbs and old, traditional family recipes motivated her to mix soaps with different herbs. This is how the different beatuy and health soaps were created.

In 2010 she made her final breakthrough with "Psolicare".
A natural soap for the treatment of neurodermatitis, psoriasis and eczema.
A world premiere! Ikhlas Sawalha was and still is convinced that nature offers us everything to heal and care for, additives or chemicals are not necessary. After the great successes in the Arabic region, she began to export to the USA,Canada and Japan. With the expansion, the employment rate of women in the company was significantly increased.

In 2018, Ikhlas Sawalha recruited Dr. Ahmad Abadi, not only a fellow countryman and supporter of the women in Palestine as well as a committed supporter of "Doctors without Borders", but also someone who will help them to make the soaps socially acceptable, especially in Europe. Dr. Abadi has been living in Vienna for 22 years now as a specialist for ophthalmology with a large practice.

In him she has found a professional cooperation partner who not only supports her economically, but also shares the idea of the women's cooperative, sustainability and solidarity.
Even today, 10 cents of every bar of soap sold goes to charitable causes and projects in Palestine and Europe. In 2020, Siba is launching a European launch with its subsidiary SIBOLIV. The headquarter is in Vienna.

Nature holds everything in store for our health and well-being.
We are allowed to use it. Naturally, beneficial with sustainable success.
Let us find trust in nature again!